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“It felt vibrant, artistic and full of hope”

I bought this skirt at a sample sale, to me it felt vibrant, artistic and full of hope. I imagined myself wearing this to the theatre or a gallery, or perhaps at a press night when I finally had my own play on.

Many of the things I buy I aim to slim into – which I know is disordered thinking. I have come to terms with the fact I will never be able to wear this skirt, it’s tiny, the waistband wouldn’t even zip over my thigh. For years I told myself I’d get it altered but I never have, so it’s time to part ways.

Designer clothes like this one were aspirational for me; I longed to buy these clothes but could never afford them. Sample sales provided me the opportunity and for years I reveled in them. However, I could never be measured with my purchases, and although I built up a treasure trove of beautiful things, they had started to suffocate me. I realised I was exhibiting hoarding behaviours and had to stop. I’m slowly but surely selling and donating my things.

Someone somewhere will treasure this skirt and wear it with pride and I’m happy to
let it go now, on to a new life.

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