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“It’s too lovely to stay hidden in my wardrobe”

I have had this belt for as long as I can remember. I have memories of wearing it at university when my hair was long with spiral curls and I wore a combination of flares, floaty skirts and baggy jumpers. That was in 2002, but maybe it was in my life before that, but hidden and not worn.

I bought it, as I have always loved second-hand, it would have been at some charity shop, jumble sale or car boot.

As I have looked at it over the years I am always struck by how lovely and unique the belt is. That would have been the reason for buying it then. I can’t say I’ve ever seen another one since.

I don’t think I consciously decided I was not going to wear it anymore, I just didn’t. My style has perhaps changed and we don’t quite fit with one another anymore.

It’s too lovely to stay hidden in my wardrobe when it can be seen and fit with someone else. Enjoy!

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