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“After having two kids I kind of lost my way with fashion”

So after having two kids I kind of lost my way with fashion and was a bit of a frumpy mum. I started buying fashion magazines, ELLE, Marie Claire etc and I saw this amazing dress by PPQ which was an affordable range from Preen I think so this dress was in all the magazines and sold out everywhere. I tried to source it but couldn’t find it anywhere.

Anyway, my friend worked on the trains, always Plymouth to London so sometimes I’d tag along and we looked for this dress in London with no luck. Unbelievably the following week someone had left a shopping bag on the train with this amazing dress in it, brand spanking new. My friend rang me, I was so so excited but had to wait for a set amount of time in case anyone claimed it. No one did which was utter relief, wow this dress was mine, the new me. I couldn’t wait to wear it but where? I didn’t go out, just play groups with the kids so it waited in the wardrobe for the big day.

It never came so 13 years later I’ve decided to let it go, even though now I’d wear it every day without waiting for an occasion, it doesn’t fit me anymore due to the mummy weight.

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